Folk rock with a jazzy twist...

The Bus Tapes are the band for you! Long-time collaborators Case and Heather bring together a range of talented musicians for a lively show, taking audiences by the hand and leading them through a what's cool tour of music. Their eclectic mix of everything from funk and blues to R&B ballads has been rocking crowds since 2008. A rhythmic, acoustic feel on top of relatable song writing is the leading tone behind their collaborative music.

Nice Things People Have Said:

Here's what the Santa Fe Reporter has to say... 

“Heather is a monster of a guitarist and plays one of the most beautiful Gibsons we’ve ever seen. Amazingly enough, she’s an even better singer.” 

“One of the most talented and beautiful young women ever to come out [of Santa Fe]” 

"[Case] adds a jazzy, mathy twist"


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